Photo Journal - Europe

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These pictures were taken in London, Paris, Rome, & Positano. Seeing these places was a dream come true. Our hope is to save these moments with the emotional aspects of the trip intact.

We can't force meaningful experiences- We just gotta show up and cross our fingers. All of us hope for fantastic, dreamy moments, sure, but squeezing the life out of it with a social-media-dream-life amount of pressure makes sure the delicate nuances will be lost. The Eiffel Tower is just a tower at the end of the day... It's cool to see it, but it doesn't fulfill the emptiness we were promised it would. Just show up, eyes wide, mind buzzing, and determine yourself to be present and grateful for whatever magic comes your way. It will find you if you let it.  -Sophie, @litte_wildheart

Instead of buying stuff our generation does stuff. Experiences > Things. We all have places we dream to see, but until we go, we won't know what it's actually like there. I studied French for 6 years, but I still arrived with a caricature of Paris in my mind. The first part of this trip was feeling these old ideas change. I lost my flattened understanding of Paris from textbooks and Instagram for the reality of actually being there. We cannot avoid this. It is just the nature of dreaming, to one day feel our dreams hit reality. 

It's okay that not every moment lives up to the magic of pictures, we only get a handful of those magic moments anyway. 

Even on a beautiful trip around Europe with the love of my life, the mundane moments still made up the majority of our time. Those moments can also be a little special, but we often overlook them. Mundane is okay. Just take things as they come. Once you do you'll find you can live in a peaceful contentment wherever you go. Then it's much better to travel like that together. -Jimmy, @JimmyGable

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