Adventure is Calling

The world is a big place. Millions of tourists travel to the farthest corners every year. What if there were more to see than the sights? What if there were more to find along the way? For travelers of all ages to do together?

Presenting ADVENTUROUS, an Augmented Reality experience that brings some new life to iconic destinations. Choose your adventure, follow the story, and discover clues while you see the sights.

Explore, Learn, discover,



Produced, Directed, Edited by SNEAKYBOY

There were various sequences needing Special Effects. We drew up plans and executed them from Storyboards & Previs to Post-production. The result was a mix of preconceived blocking and controlled improvisation.

Extras & Behind the Scenes: Every project has its own unique challenges. This project was no different. Any number of things can happen on the days of production. Weather, health, acts of God. When problems arise you have to think on your feet, be quick and decisive, and always have the bigger picture in mind.

We worked with an amazing troupe of horsemen, and traveled all around the world.